Take care of the environment

Improve your communication

Saves time and money


that communicate

Bewezit will help you in your mission of communication and transparency with your users, whether you are a public or private organization, educational, sports, professional….





Professional Associations

Thousands of options to communicate

You can choose from a multitude of options in each notification

Promote your organization

Your organization will have its own profile visible to everyone

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Take care of the planet

Turn your organization into an advocate for nature by saving on paper with every notification

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Communicate on demand

All the channels you need to keep your users informed

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Involve your users

Send a survey in each notification to find out their opinions and comments

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Know your community

Quickly access reports to know everything your users are responding

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Calendar and Deadlines

Inform your users with deadlines or events

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Communicates with a spectacular design

Different ways to communicate in each notification

Because every notification you send is different in its message, in its recipients and in what you expect to get from the notification.


Public channels so that you can inform everyone interested in your organization's publications.


Private channels to personally and privately address each of the subscribers you have included

With reply option

You can indicate if you do not want to be answered or if you want to receive an answer in the form of a free text or by answering a questionnaire designed by your organization and even receive them anonymously.

Secure and private communications

We comply with European privacy laws because we believe that respecting user privacy is fundamental to any communication.

Join the pioneers in effective communication


Educational Centers


Sports clubs




City Councils


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